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Happy New Year and welcome to our first edition for 2021! We hope you had an enjoyable break over the holiday season.

During our younger years we often don’t consider how our spending today could impact us later in life. Discover what to avoid doing now for a better financial future.

We look at some insights from the annual ASX survey of over 5,000 investors - how investment trends are changing and who is investing.

Buying your first property is very exciting and can be overwhelming. Here’s five things you should know before entering the property market. 

Retirement could be imminent or decades away. We provide some tools and strategies you can use to work out what your retirement will look like and how much money you might need to enjoy it.

Finally, here’s a few delicious summer recipes to try on the BBQ.

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14 money mistakes to avoid in your younger years

Here’s a list of things you could stop doing if you no longer want to rely on the bank of mum and dad, or that credit card.

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Investment preferences of the young

As a new wave of investors enter the Australian share market, new trends begin to emerge.

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Five Things First Home Buyers Need To Know

Before you decide to purchase your first property there are a number of things to consider, including your current personal circumstances and financial status.

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Is $1m enough to retire?

A million dollars is a figure that’s often cited as the amount you need to retire.

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Sizzling summer BBQ recipes

Summer and BBQs make an irresistible combo.

And for cooking inspo beyond ordinary, check out these delicious dishes courtesy of our friends at Weber.

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