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Welcome to our quarterly newsletter

We begin our newsletter by delving into the new tax being imposed on superannuation balances over $3 million. If your super balance is over $3 million, it is time to review your investment strategy.

If you’re nearing retirement and wondering how you will shift into retirement, then now is the time to start planning.

Retirees have worked hard all their lives to save for retirement, however, many retirees are underspending and continue to preserve their capital due to fear of running out of money. Discover more in this article.

 The biggest intergenerational wealth transfer will happen in the next couple of decades, so it’s important to understand how to manage this process to ensure your assets are distributed exactly where you wish.

Finally, we’re all aware of the prevalence of cybercrime. One of the simplest ways to protect your information is to ensure you have secure login credentials. Find out more here.

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Understanding the new $3m super tax

If your super balance is over $3 million, it’s time to review your investment strategy. Read full article >>

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